"One American in ten tells the other nine how to vote, where to eat, and what to buy. They are THE INFLUENTIALS." - Ed Keller and Jon Berry, Authors: The Influentials
Cal Simmons Cal Simmons
Founder & CEO

Do You Have a Social Media Strategy?

During my career, I have experienced the rise and fall of three major platforms for distributing travel information: bricks and mortar (travel agencies), the internet (Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com, etc), and now, social media.

How travel industry suppliers reach consumers has evolved across this period, but the constant is that they have always been trying to distribute their information through THE INFLUENTIALS.  So the question is … how have YOU responded to these changes.  Do you have a Social Media Strategy?  How do you reach the new Travel Influentials?  

It’s a complicated puzzle, but www.travelinfluentials.com has been launched to help provide access to these mavens of popularity through our Social Media PR Services.  If you represent a tourist board, a hotel group, an airline, or a PR Agency specializing in hospitality ... we can help deliver your message.

We provide access to travel influentials. 

Cal Simmons