"Through our consumer-facing site www.travelonion.com, we have developed unique access to the world's best travel writers. " - Cal Simmons, Founder: Travel Influentials

About Us

building.pngTravel Influentials is a marketing and PR agency designed to help our clients in the travel and hospitality industries access and engage with influential social media outlets in order to inform an ever growing, critical new audience.  

What makes Travel Influentials unique is our role as gatekeeper between several different audiences.  Through Travel Onion, we provide access to the world’s most trusted travel and leisure bloggers, in addition to traditional print media travel writers. However, we are not just an aggregation. 
We have built a special relationship with these writers, and serve to engage them in an ongoing dialogue with industry suppliers.  Through services such as our LinkedIn groups and familiarization trips,  we provide a constant flow of information and interaction between these two groups regarding the most up-to-date travel news and developments.  Lastly, we serve to inform. Our Newswire service is the platform from which the latest industry news reaches the desired recipient – the consumer – through today’s most relevant channel, social media.

At Travel Influentials, we are constantly working to connect the travel industry’s influentials – writers, suppliers and executives – for they are all the voices that matter.