"We are at the inception of an era when everyday people are presented with an opportunity to earn authority, trust and leadership based on their actions and words." - Brian Solis, Author: Engage!

The Voices That Matter

The Bloggers Selected by Travel Onion

Our bloggers are curious locals, gourmands, thrill seekers, culture junkies, adventurers, and travel gurus.  They are the world’s greatest travel bloggers.  The blogs featured on Travel Onion can be trusted as the main avenue for inside information from local experts, for up-to-the-minute reviews and recommendations, and for events and exhibits happening right now. That said, not every blog is a travel blog.  Many blogs are written about the city or a highlighted aspect of the city.  These blogs are equally helpful to travelers and locals looking to take advantage of the places, events and sites a place has to offer.

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How Blogs Are Selected

Millions of blogs are now kept by professional, amateur, and aspiring writers.  Listing every travel blog ever written proves too inclusive to be helpful or useful, however, selecting too few blogs ignores the diversity and tastes of each traveler.  Thus, we weed out the blogs that are not regularly updated or recent.  We carefully select a variety of perspectives with great content.  Our bloggers are witty, fresh, cynical, amusing and always informative.  They highlight information and tips that dont always make it into guidebooks.