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How We Help

We believe strongly that blogs are the go-to source today for news, information, and entertainment.  We've selected blogs to be featured on this site because of their excellent content.  Despite the useful and compelling content, great blogs can still be hard to find. So how can we help?

Information  Through our press release distribution service, w
e hope to provide you with great story ideas from industry groups wishing to broaden their exposure to social media.  Many of the editors we’ve communicated with tell us that they are constantly searching for story ideas – or contacts with individuals who they might quote for their articles. 

A journalist or blogger wants to tell a story. They want to visit exciting destinations and talk with leading authorities.  Travel Industry representatives want to get the word out on their properties, programs and destinations. We bring them together.

Community  Being part of a group allows you to reach others who share your goals and understand your problems.  We host forums where you can share best practices, ask questions, and find out about events historically organized for travel agents and print journalists.  

Promotion Through Travel Onion, we offer visibility with sponsors and prominent travel sites.  The content we share through the press distribution service, if published, can add to a blog's organic rankings in search engines.  Having an established website link to yours adds to a blog's SEO.  Each of these pieces helps increase your blog's brand awareness and drives traffic to your site.

How It Works

We do not store any content we feature on Travel Onion.  We function as an RSS feed aggregator, publishing your latest posts.  All links on our site link directly back to your blog.

For our display, we utilize Google's feed reader, which sends your blog's latest posts directly from your blog's publicly available RSS feed directly to the viewer's browser. Blog post content is never stored on Travel Onion's server. All links, ads, sponsored content, tags, etc displayed in your RSS feed link through to your blog.